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A guide to the number of cigarettes in a pack


Table of Contents

If you closely inspect a pack of cigarettes, you may think of various questions. You may wonder about how many cigarettes are in a carton. Is there a specific reason to have this number? Does this number of cigarettes mean something? Or are the companies under the reinforcement of a law to have a certain number of cigarettes? If you’re a business owner regarding cigarette products, then our guide shall help you regarding how many cigarette packs are in a carton. Let’s discuss some basics:

Cigarettes In a Pack

Firstly, let’s discuss how many smokes are in a pack. The number of cigarettes in the pack is determined by various factors. However, most single cigarette packs house around 20 cigarettes. Although this is true in most cases, this number may vary from country to country. In Canada, the average number of cigarettes that come in a pack is around 25. Similarly, in countries such as Australia, they might jump to 25-30 cigarettes per pack. 

Difference In Numbers

The agents responsible for determining the number of cigarettes are government agencies and their policies. They are responsible for devising a plan regarding the maximum and minimum number of cigarettes in a pack. That’s why they are not always the same but they might fall in a certain range. Tobacco sales have a lot to do with how many cigarette packs are in a carton. There are also rules and regulations about the amount of tobacco per pack.

 Some brands even produce packs with a greater number of cigarettes. Ideal for use in bulk, these are a suitable choice for regular and heavy-use smokers. These packs are usually called cigarette cartons and may contain cigarettes ranging from 25 to 30. the reason for their choice is the value for money they offer and that’s why they are chosen far more than regular packs. 

Cigarette Packaging Throughout Time:

The cigarette boxes that we know today go a long way. Originated from the 19th century, they helped in the accurate and presentable cigarette packaging. Before traditional cigarette packs, cigarettes were mostly sold in bulk. They were mostly wrapped up in a piece of paper or other materials for a lesser number. 

Then there was a revolution of cigarette packs with images of celebrities printed on the packs. These made normal and bland-looking cigarette packs a collectable. This made them popular among various collectors throughout the world. 

With time, there was a need for reliable and easy packaging for cigarettes. Many companies started experimenting with these needs. They made them in different sizes and dimensions. The same dimensions are still used today. 

Cigarette Pack Sizes

Cigarette packaging sizes are set according to the standards of tobacco companies. The amount of tobacco allowed per pack may help in determining the amount of cigarettes in a pack. They might also just vary from brand to brand. Some of these are as follows:

  • Regular pack: A normal regular pack that is considered to be a standard throughout the world. It contains 20 cigarettes.
  • Small pack: it contains half the amount of the standard pack. That means it contains 10 cigarettes and it’s also called a half pack. 
  • Large pack: The number of cigarettes in a large pack may range from 25-30 cigarettes. They might vary from country to country and in different regions. 

Cigarette Packaging in Bulk

A carton is a bulk packaging of cigarettes. It usually contains 10 packs in standard sizes. It contains around 200 cigarettes. 

Material difference:

Cigarettes with different packaging are differentiated mostly into soft and hard packs.

  • Soft pack: A soft pack is a lightweight, bendable packaging material containing cigarettes. The number is the same as that in a standard pack i.e. 20 cigarettes. It offers less protection but is easy to carry
  • Hard pack: made of harder materials, it offers better security and reliability. It offers durability in a compact case. 

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Frequently asked questions:

What is a 10-pack of cigarettes called?

A 10-pack of cigarettes is called a half-pack. It may also be called a mini-pack. These contain half the number found in a standard pack of cigarettes. 

Why are there 20 cigarettes in a pack?

There are various regulatory and economic reasons behind this. The simplest reason is that most companies are hindered by the amount of tobacco they can use in a pack. That’s why 20-pack cigarettes are made to make smoking less accessible. 

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