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Guide to Measure Pizza Box dimensions and Sizes


Table of Contents

Pizza is one of the most liked food items on the menu of a restaurant. Whether it’s a party or simply a friend’s meetup, pizza is something that can make it unforgettable. From various toppings to the goodness of pizza sauce and cheese, pizza is liked by everyone. That’s why many restaurants and businesses have pizzas on their menus. However, when it comes to packaging and delivering pizzas, it can be a challenge. It is important to choose the right kind of box with appropriate dimensions for safe delivery of this food product. The following are a few tips that can help your businesses choose the right kind of box

Dimensions and Choosing the Right Pizza Box

Different Pizza Box Sizes and Dimensions help in the housing and delivery of various sizes of pizzas. It is important to pick the right kind of box that is best suitable for different pizza sizes. A pizza size guide and appropriate packaging size are given below:

  • Small Pizza Boxes:

For personal pizzas, a small box is preferred. It is just big enough to safely house small pizzas or their portions for a single serving. It has a length and width of 12 inches with a depth of 2 inches. Hence it can be chosen for safe delivery.

  • Medium Boxes:

A medium pizza box has dimensions of 16 by 16 with a depth of 2 inches. It is larger than a small box and is better for medium-sized pizzas. It can be shared among two people and is best for packaging a late-night craving

  • Large boxes:

The dimensions of such a box are 18 by 18 with the same depth of 2 inches. It is important to use such a box because a large-sized pizza can easily be messed up if not appropriately packaged. No one wants to eat a pizza with sauces on the box or with bent dough. It is therefore compulsory to use it when delivering a large pizza for a family gathering or event.

Here is a table for your ease

Type Length Width Depth
Small Box 12 12 2
Medium Box 16 16 2
Large Box 18 18 2

Tips to Measure Dimension of Pizza boxes

As a packaging pro with a passion for perfect pizza presentations, I’m here to guide you through the precise measurement process for your custom pizza boxes. Here are some key tips to ensure your boxes fit your pies like a glove:

Know Your Angles: Length, Width, and Height

Length: Imagine the box standing tall. The longest side, from bottom edge to top edge, is the length.

Width: Now, lay the box flat. The distance across the bottom of the box is the width.

Height: Still flat, measure the distance from the bottom of the box to the top (the depth of the box).

Embrace the Inner Dimension

While the outer dimensions are important, the true hero is the inner dimension. This ensures your pizza fits comfortably without getting squished. To find it:

Measure and Subtract: Simply measure the outer length, width, and height as mentioned above. Then, subtract the thickness of the cardboard from each measurement. This gives you the usable space inside the box.

Why choose the Customized pizza box?

Pizza boxes come in different sizes for different pizzas. But why is it necessary to choose the right box? There are certain benefits of doing so and it can greatly improve the customer experience. These advantages following:

  • Preserving freshness:

The freshness and overall look of the pizza can simply be preserved by using a better box. With the right kind of box, you can make sure that your pizza stays in place. Similarly, pizza toppings can also be prevented from spreading all over the box by simply using a better box. It can also make sure that the pizza stays hot until it is delivered and can add to improving customer experience.

  • Saving costs:

By using personalized pizza boxes, time and money can be saved. It saves the necessary time during the making of packaging and streamlines the packaging process. Similarly, a general idea about the cost of packaging can also be estimated which can help to further order packaging in the future. That’s why many businesses use custom packaging and order it in large batches for their needs

  • Safer delivery:

The sizes of pizza boxes are standardized, keeping in mind the delivery process. They are just large enough to house different sizes of pizzas and can be carried easily. Therefore for the facilitation of the delivery process, it is necessary to choose standard pizza boxes.

  • Aesthetically suitable:

Pizza boxes have pretty much been the same. This is due to the association of packaging with flavours. With just a simple sight of pizza boxes, a mouthwatering taste can be expected. Similarly, they can easily be printed with brand logos and can serve as suitable packaging

At Custom Boxes Canada, we have a wide variety of customized pizza boxes to choose from that can serve your needs effectively. We can also print them according to your needs to match the packaging style of your business.

So look no further and place your order at Custom Boxes Canada today!


Packaging of a food item like pizza can appear to not make a difference. At the end of the day, it’s bound to be thrown away and hence many businesses don’t invest in a reliable packaging solution. But by using appropriate packaging, your business can make progress overnight. It is the simplest way of achieving a successful business and we can help you reach that dream.


How can I tell what size pizza box I need?

Measure the diameter of your pizza crust to find the matching box size. It’s best to choose a box that allows for a little extra space (about an inch) to prevent crushing the crust.

Are there any pizza box sizes bigger than 16″?

Yes, some pizzerias offer extra-large pizzas that come in boxes exceeding 16 inches. These might be square or rectangular depending on the pizza shape.

Do pizza box sizes differ around the world?

Yes, there can be some variations in pizza box sizing depending on the country. While the sizes mentioned above are common, some regions might have slightly different standards.

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